If you are seeking a place where you can exchange ideas and boosts you have found it right here. Here you can find suggestions and ideas posted by users who, like you, want to rid themselves of laces.


No more laces and bounds


Do you have enough of conformity? Take part in the movement rising from the web to cut the laces that tie up our lives and society.

FreeFromLaces is gathering up ideas and projects that lead us to reflect on the "laces" that limit our daily lives, those personal mental, virtual, social, cultural and physical ties that often it seems impossible to break away from.

Liberation from...

Fears, constraints, bureaucracy, abuses ...
What do you want to get rid of? What would you like to free the world from?


If you want to be who you are and not just what others expect you to be, if you wish to do what you want to do and not what you're told to do... just free yourself, evolve yourself: become yourself.


Join the FreeFromLaces Movement!